Global Roaming with huge surfing Volume package of 3GB

Global Roaming with huge surfing Volume package of 3GB

Is a simple, user-friendly 3GB data package that allows users to control their communications and navigation with the same comforts that they enjoy in their home and business environment. Global Trave!Mate™ consists of an iPad loaded with over 100 apps and a roaming SIM card for over 100 countries Internet-based communications. providing all-in-one solution that helps to navigation and maintains communications abroad any time anywhere.

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TravelMate Kit

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Content of Kit

Mini Ipad
Sim card
Car Charger
Cabales *2 units
Mini Ipad protector
Screen saver
Car mount


  • Roaming over 100 countries
  • Router up to 5 devices
  • Connect to PC ,Tablet ,Smartphone
  • Navigation
  • 10 hours battery life
  • One sim card for all countries
  • Stay in touch
  • Email
  • Camera
  • 100 additional apps
  • Multi language
  • Social network
  • Albania Albania
  • Anguilla Anguilla
  • Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
  • Argentina Argentina
  • Armenia Armenia
  • Australia Australia
  • Austria Austria
  • Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
  • Barbados Barbados
  • Belgium Belgium
  • Belarus Belarus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Brazil Brazil
  • British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Canada Canada
  • Costa Rica Costa Rica
  • Cayman Islands Cayman Islands
  • South Africa South Africa
  • Macao Macao
  • Holy See (Vatican City) Holy See (Vatican City)
  • Dominica Dominica
  • Chad Chad
  • Chile Chile
  • China China
  • Czech Republic Czech Republic
  • Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
  • Colombia Colombia
  • Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the
  • Mexico Mexico
  • Monaco Monaco
  • Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
  • Denmark Denmark
  • Sweden Sweden
  • Ecuador Ecuador
  • El Salvador El Salvador
  • Estonia Estonia
  • United States United States
  • Finland Finland
  • France France
  • Gabon Gabon
  • Hungary Hungary
  • Portugal Portugal
  • Singapore Singapore
  • Uganda Uganda
  • Georgia Georgia
  • Germany Germany
  • Ghana Ghana
  • Greece Greece
  • Grenada Grenada
  • Guatemala Guatemala
  • Hong Kong (SAR) Hong Kong (SAR)
  • Iceland Iceland
  • India India
  • Indonesia Indonesia
  • Ireland Ireland
  • Italy Italy
  • Jamaica Jamaica
  • Japan Japan
  • Jordan Jordan
  • Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
  • Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
  • Kenya Kenya
  • Turkey Turkey
  • Latvia Latvia
  • Lithuania Lithuania
  • Luxembourg Luxembourg
  • Macedonia Macedonia
  • Malta Malta
  • Moldova Moldova
  • Montserrat Montserrat
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • New Zealand New Zealand
  • Nicaragua Nicaragua
  • Nigeria Nigeria
  • Norway Norway
  • Panama Panama
  • Spain Spain
  • Poland Poland
  • Romania Romania
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Russia Russia
  • Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Korea, South Korea, South
  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • Taiwan Taiwan
  • Tajikistan Tajikistan
  • Tanzania Tanzania
  • Thailand Thailand
  • Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Uruguay Uruguay
  • Virgin Islands Virgin Islands
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
  • Peru Peru

IPad than iPad mini and slim grip fits in one hand - and still can do all of what makes the iPad.

From the start, the iPad application designed to work with iPad mini. There are no full-screen applications sweeping, that will allow you to do just about anything that comes to your mind. You will find it difficult to put the iPad mini hands.

Key features:

- Multi-touch screen with a 7.9 inch LED lighting

- Resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels

- FaceTime HD camera

- ISight camera

- HD video filming

- Battery life up to 10 hours

- Author Lightning


Height 200mm

Width 134.7 mm

Depth: 7.2 mm

Weight: 312 grams

Wi‑Fi + Cellular Capacity 16GB


Planning Your Trip in Advance
Make sure to plan your route on a site where you can save your route data.            
The information will be as accessible on the iPad as it is on your home computer.            
Note that sites that use Flash will not work on your iPad.         
Retrieving data during your trip will make it an unforgettable experience.               
Navigation and Location
It will be very hard for you to get lost, as the iPad comes equipped with a variety of navigation applications, from Google Maps to GPS software. The navigation apps will allow you to find addresses and other points of interest, and to receive information on access routes, public transportation, road conditions and more.                                     
You will be able to enjoy a real-time map that shows you your location in a convenient manner.          
The GPS applications can provide you with turn-by-turn audio instructions on how to reach your next destination.         

How to save valuable time during your trip:          
The amount of time we can dedicate to planning our voyage, whether a business trip or a vacation, is limited. As a resource, time is a valuable component in the trip, and it\'s critical that we make optimal use of the time we have. Every wasted day leads to disappointment and the feeling that you have failed to make the best of the limited amount of time available on our trip. Inefficient planning can lead to unnecessary expenses, including unnecessary lodging and flight expenses. 
Following are a number of examples for how the iPad can be used during your trip to save valuable time:              
Video and Voice Communications  
The high prices of cellular networks, along with the evolution of smartphones and tablets, have led to rapid development in internet-based alternatives for voice and video calls.                   
The constant connection to cellular and local networks (cellular and Wi-Fi) allows one to place calls at significantly lower costs.            
Video Conferencing Costs    
This application allows you to call any cellphone or landline.      
Set up a Skype subscription at home before you leave and you will be able to use it to make calls to any telephone.              
Calls between existing subscribers are free of charge.       
Find out which of your family members, friends and co-workers have subscriptions before you leave.        
Cellular use is expensive!   
Renting WeMakeIt devices gives you a fixed price with savings of up to 90% on all your cellular costs. This allows you to make full use of the available technology without running the risk of encountering \"surprises\" in your cellular bill.                          
A Variety of Inexpensive and Convenient Solutions      
VoIP applications allow you to make audio or video calls over the internet.            
VoIP technology has been available for many years.        
Various companies take advantage of this technology to provide users from around the world with the ability to speak to each other for free, to send free messages, or to call phones at rates significantly lower than cellular rates.                     
Skype – the Pioneer in the Field      
Skype is without a doubt one of the technological pioneers in the field of VoIP. This hugely successful company, which entered the public consciousness several years ago with a simple program for free internet calls from any place in the world, today also offers very inexpensive rates to everywhere in the world, to land-based and mobile phones as well.                    
The company has been purchased by a variety of bodies over the years at massive sums, and is currently owned by Microsoft.    
Skype’s advantage is the precedent it set. Its disadvantage is the inability to add friends to your contact list.            
Joining requires consent and the installation of the software on the other end as well.          
Some of the company\'s competitors succeeded by developing a user interface that made it easier to attach friends to contact lists.      
One of the current hits in the vibrant market of VoIP applications for Android and iPhone, this company has developed a VoIP application that allows you to make free calls to other users who have installed it, as well as to send free text messages.                        
A unique characteristic of the application is that it synchronizes automatically and efficiently with the phone\'s contact list and does not require the addition or approval of new contacts.                         
Solutions in the Field of Text and Media Messages (MMS/SMS)          
Beyond the Android and iPhone applications reviewed above, there are several other players in the field: Scudo and Google Voice for Android, WhatsApp and Highnote for free text messaging and more.                 
Beyond the monetary savings, the efficient user interface allows users to add pictures, emoticons and so on.           
Now all that’s left is to order a device for your trip.         
Enjoy it, and have a nice trip 


How to Get Around Abroad with an iPad          
GPS – General Explanation    
The iPad comes equipped with a GPS component that receives signals both from satellites orbiting the Earth and from cellular and Wi-Fi antennas; these signals are triangulated into a precise point, including latitude and longitude, comprising the iPad’s exact location.                                   
Location Services    
The WeMakeIt iPad comes equipped with a variety of applications that will provide you with the information you need during your trip, based on your location, allowing you to manage your trip in an efficient manner.                       
The type of navigation system uses information it downloads to the iPad from the internet. This includes the maps relevant to the route you choose. The system updates throughout your travel time, based on the cellular network.                
The advantage of online-supported applications is the real-time information.    
WeMakeIt iPads offer an internet package included in the rental cost; the large volume of information will necessitate expensive internet bandwidth even for those with cellular internet packages. According to estimates, use of the system requires 80-100 MB per day, equivalent to NIS 800-1,000 at cellular company costs (the calculation was made according to an average price for internet packages published in articles on various dates and on the websites of the cellular companies).                                     

When operating the GPS application on the iPad, all of the relevant GPS information is saved, including the maps and all of the information on relevant locations of interest along the route you’ve selected.                                  
When performing the navigation, the system retrieves the relevant information for the route and its environment from the information saved in the application.              
The advantage is that there is no need to remain constantly connected to the data network.           
The disadvantage to using offline apps is the freshness of the information, and missing data that may lead you to places you havn’t planned on going!             
Navigation using the iPad – how to input/find an address         
In the newer navigation apps, finding an address is very easy and user-friendly.         
Enter a full or partial address in the application’s search window, as well as various locations of interest, and start searching.  After the system provides you with a number of alternatives close to the definition of the search, you can choose the target most relevant to you and define it as the destination. After defining the destination in the online programs, you can ask for a number of alternative routes with traffic data.                
How do I transmit/send my location?              
Sending information on your location has never been this easy. You can do this to share with friends, call for rescue if necessary, and for any other purpose you choose.                
All you have to do is open the Google Maps app by clicking the arrow.           
Right away, you’ll get a picture with a blue pin in the center of the map – that’s your location.            
Touching the blue pin again will open the following options:      
Directions to here – here you’ll find directions on how to get to your current location from an address you enter in the search window.    
Directions from Here – this will help you plan a route from your current location to a destination you choose in the search window.             
Share location – this will allow you to email, text or tweet your location.                 
You can also add the location by adding to Bookmarks – so that you can return to it easily later on.   
Looking for ticket prices to attraction sites? Want to purchase the tickets online?
Looking for a nearby hotel and an immediate reservation?      
Looking for a restaurant for dinner?    
Planning your next day?     
Need to make some changes?     
Need an available connection to family, friends and co-workers back in Israel?        
The WeMakeIt iPad comes with a broad range of applications that allow you to keep in touch with family, friends and co-workers back in Israel, conveniently and cost-effectively, using voice and video conferencing.                           
Internet Use Anywhere, Anytime, with Cellular Access                
The WeMakeIt iPad, which comes equipped with a local cellular internet access SIM card, offers you a variety of opportunities to access information in a convenient and efficient manner.  All you have to do now is take advantage of your time abroad, and have fun.        
A Variety of Applications 
On the WeMakeIt iPad you will find a variety of applications we've collected for you in order to make your trip aboard a unique and novel experience.                         
As tourists and businesspeople, you time is a limited resource worth large sums of money.              
Using the iPad, you can save valuable time and focus on what’s important to you.         

Adapted to the Destination and Nature of the Trip
We've selected the finest applications based on your destination and the manner in which you intend to use the device. This will help you get around and enjoy yourself during your trip.               
The applications installed on the iPad were tested on a very large number of travelers. We filter and focus the variety of applications in order to provide you exactly with what you need.                          
The applications are divided into a number of categories:     
Tourist Information
All of the applications that offer help in tourism subjects, such as hotels, flight times, restaurants, performances and more, adapted to your destination.   
Applications that will connect you to friends and family. You can use them for audio and video calls, as well as to connect to the social networks you belong to.                   
These are applications that will help you connect to your email, to shop and compare prices, to connect to the various Google tools and cloud services, as well as to other useful applications.                           
In these folders you can find applications that will connect you to sources of news and financial data.           
Games and Entertainment  
Here you will find TV and VOD channels, as well as an up-to-date selection of games.               
Navigation and Location
It will be very hard for you to get lost, as the iPad comes equipped with a variety of navigation applications, from Google Maps to GPS software. The navigation apps will allow you to find addresses and other points of interest, and to receive information on access routes, public transportation, road conditions and more.                                     
You will be able to enjoy a real-time map that shows you your location in a convenient manner.          
The GPS applications can provide you with turn-by-turn audio instructions on how to reach your next destination.         
Have a nice trip 
Locating Sites by Categories and Passenger Preferences            
These include museum, amusement parks, historical sites, lookouts and views, parking and more. Alongside location and direction on a map, using the navigation app of your choice, the applications include written instructions, while others give you the ability to receive voice instructions from an actual personal tour guide accompanying you with their voice.                                
What’s Around Us  
A variety of applications that will identify the services you need, rate them by proximity, user opinion, the price of the services, and other objective criteria. These applications generally include restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, bars, events and performances, unique attractions, and more. With a touch on the screen you can see images and clips that will help you make the right choice and better plan the limited time you have abroad.
City Trips  
Almost every important city in the world has earned a number of applications; you can simply input the name of the city in the App Store and download the application you need. Using your iPad, you can travel by foot, public transportation or rental car, and conveniently access the tourist information you need. You can find information on almost anything in the city, such as public transportation, including maps and schedules for travel from place to place. You can order cabs, look for shop opening hours and contact information, and access a wealth of other information.     
Road Trips  
The iPad comes with a 10” screen, which allows you to view a road map conveniently. You can choose between a moving map from Google and others, or a GPS system that will provide you with audio turn-by-turn guidance as well. Some of the navigation systems also include current traffic reports.        
You can plan and access information on the destinations you will be reaching during your cruise. Upon arriving at any destination, you can carry your iPad off the cruise ship in its carrying kit and use it on the shore.                  
Purchases during the Cruise
You can compare prices by visiting the world’s leading shopping sites. 
Historical/Ecological/Background Information on the Place You’re Visiting 
Using the destination applications, as well as the large volume of information available online, you can easily access information on destinations you’re about to visit. Many places offer the option of audio information – during your visit you can listen using your iPad’s speakers or earphones (standard earphones can be connected to the iPad). 

A broad variety of applications, and all that’s left is to enjoy yourself. 
Social Library  
We’ve installed Google Talk, Facetime, Skype and Viber applications on your iPad.        
This application allows you to call any cellphone or landline.      
Set up a Skype subscription at home before you leave and you will be able to use it to make calls to any telephone.              
Calls between existing subscribers are free of charge.       
Find out which of your family members, friends and co-workers have subscriptions before you leave.        
Convenient and easy access options from anywhere. Your iPad will provide you with access to your online email; if you have a secure workplace email, make sure the network people at your place of work provide you with access.              
Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook 
Your social networks will be available whenever you want to access them.
You can update your friends on your travel details or any other information.           
Using the iPad’s location services, you can provide relevant information on your travel route, along with pictures and video clips.             

How do you upload a picture linked to a location to Facebook?            
    • • All you have to do is enter the Facebook application on your iPad.         
    • • Choose the Check In application on the toolbar.     
    • • Here, you can carry out a variety of activities.    
    • • You can enter text describing your location.             
    • • You can tag a friend from the friends menu.       
    • • You can add a picture – click the camera button and you’ll be given options to take a picture or select one from the picture album.                
    • • By clicking Post, you can share the information with your Facebook friends.