Confidentiality and Privacy


WeMakeIT Data Collection Policy

1.1      At WeMakeIT, we believe that our customers should know about the information we collect in the framework of the use of devices and services that the Company provides to its customers.

1.2      Data collection is an integral part of the operations and control system of the products and services that we provide, and we cannot make these services available or provide the devices without collecting data and using it as explained above.  Should you disagree with the data collection we make, we regret that we cannot provide you with our services, and we request that you refrain from using the services or any products that we may supply.

1.3      The provisions that are included in our data collection policy, constitute an integral part of the conditions of use of our services and products.  We reserve the right to change these provisions from time to time, and should there be a material change, the customer will be responsible for approving the new policy conditions when he approves a new transaction, as a condition for the continuation of use of the services or products, or via notifications that are sent by us to the customer’s nominated email address.  By approving the conditions of use, you undertake and confirm that the email address that you provided to us is active, and that you will regularly check your mailbox during the period of usage of our services or products, so as to determine whether you have received any notification from us relating to changes in policy.

1.4      The data we collect

The data we collect is split into two categories:

  1. Data which is not personal (hereinafter - the “anonymous data”), which is data that does not include specific identification details of the user, in order for us to learn, improve, investigate and develop. The anonymous data may include, for example, information relating to the ages of the users, gender, place of residence, family status and other information, provided that it does not include specific identification information.
  2. Data which is not anonymous (hereinafter: “personal information”), which is data subject to the collection of specific identification data of the user (name, identity number, telephone number, email address), for the purpose of providing support for the services required by the user while they are being used.

1.5      Both the anonymous data and the personal data are nor forwarded to third parties in a manner in which they might receive specific information about the user which the user has not specifically approved for passing to third parties, except for items of data that we are obligated to pass on according to the provisions of the law, and except for items of data we pass to “kesher Rent a Car or Hertz”.

1.6      The anonymous data includes, inter alia, the data detailed below:

Details of the use made, times of use, geographic location, type of car, data relating to the condition of the vehicle and driver behavior, surfing data, numbers of users per router and their surfing data, gasoline consumption, using of toll roads, using of parking places, and user characteristics (such as age, gender, country of residence, etc.).

1.7      The personal data includes, inter alia, the data detailed below:

Full name and specific means of identification of the user, such as passport number or identity number, bank account or credit card details, email address, cellphone number, and contract number with the vehicle rental company, any information that may be relevant to the financial charge of the user of the vehicle, including information on the use of the vehicle, travel on toll roads, parking of the vehicle, fuel consumption, travel distances, etc..

1.8      We view as personal data all data which, in the event that it reaches third parties, can be used by them to identify the user.

1.9      Receipt of approval to collect the data

Approval of the conditions for use of the service or product, constitutes a condition for the receipt of the service or use of the product, and it constitutes explicit agreement of the customer and permission to collect the data and use it as explained above.

1.10    Data Collection Method

The anonymous data is collected by us with technological means, which include automated transmission from the Device, which is required, inter alia, for carrying out monitoring activities, analysis, location and so forth, and general data (such as age, gender, country of residence) that were provided to us by the User as mentioned below.

The personal data is collected by us via the entering of user details in one or more of the systems used for receipt of the service by the customers - such as vehicle ordering forms, and in the registration for receipt of services and approval of the conditions of use or services or products.

The data reaches us when the services or products are used - such as actual cellular connection, change of geographical location and so forth.

We would like to make clear that we collect the data for a clearing system established for the purpose of collecting monies that derive from the customers, but this data is not part of the data that is monitored and retained by us, and the data (such as credit card details) are retained by the clearing company for the purpose of executing debits only, and are not used by us thereafter for any other reason, and we do not transfer it to third parties except when it is for the purpose of executing debit charges by us.

1.11    What happens to the data?

The data that is collected by us goes through stages of processing, with the objective of examining the nature of usage of the services and products by our customers, monitoring the quality of the services and products, identification of faults and their solutions, improvement and development of the products and services, and the conducting of research, and studies.

Part of the anonymous data that is collected by us, and also some of the results of the research that we perform on it, is passed to third parties, provided that it does not contain any personal data.  In the event that we are asked to transfer personal data to third parties, we will ask for permission from every customer.

The personal data that is collected by us is intended to make it possible for us to give the customer the best service and to enable us to provide a solution for every issue related to any specific customer, and to respond to support requests from customers.

Data regarding location, toll roads, parking places etc. is used to charge extra costs of the vehicle usage where applicable.        

Clarification: In the event that we have collected data that is associated with a customer based on the customer’s name, but which in no way will disclose the identity of the customer, we may also transfer the data to third parties without requiring the consent of the customer.  In this way, we can provide the customer with services that match the way in which s/he utilizes the service, geographical location or other characteristics of the customer, without disclosing the customer’s identity to third parties.

In special cases we may be required to disclose personal data as well or to transfer it to third parties. This can happen, for example, in the following circumstances: If the provisions of law demand that we transfer data; in the event that we are required by a court, enforcement agencies or a ratified authority to transfer data; to preserve our interests in any event of use that breaches any of our rights or which may damage us; in the event of loss of equipment or its theft; to protect the rights of a third party in the event of claims of breach of copyright, the carrying out of criminal acts or civil injustices; to obtain service from our suppliers in order to provide service (such as support providers for software or equipment, providers of computer services or data storage etc.); in order to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of the Company, its customers or the wider public, in the event of a change of control in the Company, including by way of merger, purchase, or the purchase of all, or the main assets, in order to collect, hold and/or manage the personal data of the users through a third party that is an authorized service provider, as may be required by the requirements of the business and operational needs of the Company, where such a third party may be located outside Israel (for example, storage using Amazon “cloud services”).

To remove all doubt - this is to clarify that personal data that reaches third parties due to the use by customers of services that are provided by third parties - such as surfing Internet sites, use of data storage servers, cloud services, use of email servers etc. - the data shall not be considered to have been transferred by us to third parties, even if our equipment is involved in the providing service for these devices, such as software, products and other services.

1.12    Change or deletion of data at the request of the customer

The anonymous data cannot be deleted, since it is assimilated into our data systems and has been used as described above.

The customer can change personal data or delete it, provided that this is done after termination of use of the products or services and the equipment has been returned, on condition that there is no money owed, and on condition that no reason has been created to transfer the personal data at the time of the deletion or change requested.

The deletion or changes will be affected by sending an email to

To clarify: In order to provide services, all the data in the system is backed up from time to time.  The backup files cannot be changed or deleted by the customer, and therefore no personal data can be deleted or changed in them.  In any event, we will not use personal data that is retained in the backup systems, without obtaining the permission of the customer or in the event in which we are permitted to make use of it as mentioned above.

1.13    Data Security

We take accepted steps to prevent the possibility of access by unauthorized third parties to the data collected by us, but the facts on the ground mean that we cannot guarantee that hostile parties will not be able to penetrate the security systems