Who are we ?

Today's traveler wants his home comforts as he sets out on his journey to reach his destination as quickly as possible,
maintaining contacts with family and colleagues in a home-from-home scenario that comes at a reasonable price with no hidden add-ons or unpleasant surprises.

We like to keep it Fun & Simple

Fun for the tourist, simple for the businessman.
Trave!Mate™ is fun and makes for an enjoyable user experience, and is simple to operate.
Our experience has shown that travelers, whether they are tied to strict business schedules or are having fun as tourists,
want and need reliable communications and navigation facilities at their disposal.
Trave!Mate™ provides that for them.

In 2010, when WeMakeIt was established

we have set our vision & mission our client and partners satisfaction is our number one priority  we knew that we would need constantly improve our service for our Trave!Mate™ customers . therefor our effort never ends.


We are working with several leading partners in the tourist industry
and at locations such as airports and inter-city branch offices, we offer and guarantee a complete solution based on iPad rental and our two main products,
the Global Trave!Mate™ and the Local Trave!Mate™ that we have developed with corporate and franchisee partners in the travel industry,Our comprehensive, all-in-one solution is the perfect fit for both business and leisure markets with Global Trave!Mate™ enabling users to roam in over 100 countries while Local Trave!Mate™ covers specific countries or regions.

Our Approach

Is to make it fun and simple either to our client and our partners with full transparency 

All in One solution

Benefits for travelers Global and Local Trave!Mate™ devices come with a 3G connection and a SIM Card which allow the end user to utilize them for multi-tasking:

Save money - Communicate using your Trave!Mate™ device at affordable,

fixed price plans (no surprises at the end of your travel period).

Trave!Mate™ enables you to stay in touch with friends and family and colleagues at work

via the Internet - anytime, anywhere.

Free Private WiFi - Trave!Mate™ lets you connect up to 5 devices

and allow family or colleagues to connect their own personal smartphones, tablets or PC

and enjoy free WiFi wherever you are.

Safe trip – with Trave!Mate™ - Use any of the three leading online navigation GPS apps options:

Google maps, Maps (Apple) and Waze,

which let you find your route in your preferred language anywhere in the world,

avoiding traffic jams and other delays,and saving you valuable time.

Stay in Touch: Trave!Mate™ lets you check emails and messages from all your available webmail accounts as well as social apps such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Leisure Time- Trave!Mate™ helps you find the perfect restaurant, local attractions, concerts, local sports events and a host of other activities in the area where you are located. It's never been easier.Use the friendly tourist apps available in your Trave!Mate™ such as TripAdvisor or AroundMe. Translate languages or currency rates that will make you feel more at home even when you are abroad.and the large variety of news, sport, financial and games apps available on the Internet

Security & Privacy

Full secure business environment 
1.PCI SSC Data Security compliance – full secure debit and credit environment
2.EMEA Privacy policy – all our Trave!Mate™ devices operate under EMEA privacy laws

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